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Sports unites – show your support!

At the moment many people are seeking shelter in Europe – among them also many unaccompanied minors, who have come on their own from Afghanistan to Austria. Since December 2015, 32 boys between 14 and 17 years have been living at the boarding school of the Tyrolean Tourism College in Absam (Tiroler Fachberufsschule für Tourismus) and are waiting there for the decision on asylum. Sports and movement are an ideal possibility for young persons to reduce the waiting time, find something useful to do and establish contact to locals without already perfectly speaking the language of the country.

Georg Spazier, CEO of the innsbruck-tirol sports GmbH entrusted with the organisation and implementation of the ICG 2016 at the moment, launched a very special project together with the young designer Laurin Strele-Pupp (Nowhere Store): ‘We want to take the chance during the ICG 2016 to set an example for a respectful interaction with everyone. Along the lines of ‘show your support’, we want to welcome young people and make their start in the Tyrol a little easier.’

So in cooperation a cool cloth bag with a quote in Tyrolean dialect was designed and produced.

‘Es keat oanfach viel mehr bewegt’ – a cloth bag for a good cause.
As of now, the cool organic cloth bag with the slogan ‘Es keat oanfach viel mehr bewegt’ (which means ‘we have to move a lot more’ in Tyrolean dialect) can be bought for a good cause. ‘The net proceeds of €9.90 per cloth bag will be donated to the refugee home for unaccompanied minors in Absam. This way sports equipment can be bought and courses in different Tyrolean sport associations can be financed,’ Laurin Strele-Pupp and Patrick Redolfi from the Nowhere Store explain.

Georg Spazier adds: ‘With this slogan we want to call for more movement in the sense of sports, but it is also a call for more movement beyond physical activity.’

ICG 2016 support the ‘show your support’ campagne
The ICG 2016 are also supporting the refugee project, they call for a respectful interaction with everyone and will donate the incomes from the sale of one of the ICG 2016 Merchandising products – you can receive a blue wrist band with the writing ‘Friendship&Respect #ICG2016’ as a to-go message by donating €2. Georg Spazier explains the motive: ‘The ICG were founded in 1968 to create a better world based on friendship and sport and to bring together young people from different countries. Show your support stands for the connection of different countries, persons and cultures through sports. This should raise awareness for important values such as fair play, friendship and helpfulness.’

The wrist bands can be bought at the Tirol Shop and at the Shop of the Innsbruck Tourism Information. You can also support this cause by buying the wrist bands and the cloth bags from 11 – 14 January 2016 at the Homebase at the Innsbruck Exhibition Centre or the Nowhere Store in Innsbruck. Karin Nindl, the director of the refugee home, knows how much the unaccompanied minors of the home are looking forward to this campaign, the possibilities created and the ICG in January: ‘The ICG are an important topic for the young refugees. They are looking forward to visiting the sport competitions and the side programme at the Homebase. The 32 boys are all sports-mad and curios about the competitions in the snow, because they do not know these kind of competitions in their country. Sport, fun and action are a nice change and make it easier to get to know the Tyrol in a playful way.’

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