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As we believe that any kind of legacy can only work if you include young persons and the next generation at the earliest stage possible, we are constantly seeking ways to cooperate with different schools and educational institutions. Sports and movement are our top priorities. We focus especially on already working together during the planning phases of the events and projects.

These are examples of the co-operations between innsbruck-tirol sports gmbh and educational institutions:

Cooperation HTL Construction and Design

In cooperation with this secondary technical school for construction and design, the ramps for the Skate and BMX contest for the Freestyle Days 2015 were designed and built. Altogether 47 pupils worked together with professors, professionals from the local skate and BMX scene and the innsbruck-tirol sports gmbh on this project for three months. On request from innsbruck-tirol sports gmbh the ramps were designed and built in a way they can be transported to and rebuilt at other skate and BMX parks after the event. This way the local skate and BMX scene was supported in a sustainable way.

Cooperation Medienkolleg Innsbruck

Pupils and students of the Medienferrari and Medienkolleg Innsbruck were part of the Innsbruck 2016 International Children’s Games in January 2016 in different venues as flying reporters. They reported on the different competitions and the side programme. The pupils and students gained practical experience in the field of media work and had the unique chance to look behind the scenes of a major multi-sport event. In the course of different events, such as the X-Day 2015 in Kühtai or the Freestyle Days at the Landhausplatz in Innsbruck there has already been a close cooperation with the Medienkolleg Innsbruck ahead of the ICG. Four pupils accompanied us in June to visit the International Children’s Games in Alkmaar in the Netherlands in order to film, write texts, and take photographs and write posts.

We look forward to further cooperations with our partners!

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