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Beeing a Volunteer

Being a volunteer dos not only mean giving something but also receiving something in return. As a volunteer at a major (sport) event you will meet many other people from different countries and cultures. You will be an important connection between all the players and ensure a successful event thanks to your dedication, skills and experience. Your readiness to help and hospitality will create a great atmosphere and leave guests and participants alike with fantastic memories.

We will do our very best to make sure you enjoy your time as a Volunteer. As a member of the volunteer team tirol you can look forward to:

  receiving regular updates on events looking for volunteers
  signing up for events directly via your personal profile on our online platform
  participating in regular events and activities
  receiving a confirmation certificate for every event you work as a volunteer
  meeting like-minded people interested in sports and events
  unforgettable memories and the chance to meet plenty of new people.

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