A Look Back at the WWMG 2020: Records, Facts, Figures and Feedback

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A Look Back at the WWMG 2020: Records, Facts, Figures and Feedback

The Winter World Masters Games (WWMG) 2020 provided ten days of sporting action under clear blue skies at seven venues across Innsbruck and Tyrol. Thousands of amateur sportsmen and sportswomen descended on Austria to compete against each other and celebrate together in a spirit of friendship and camaraderie. The WWMG 2020 saw several new records set. The sports partners involved in organising and running the competitions were pleased with the result of their hard work.

With almost 3,200 participants, the WWMG 2020 were the biggest multisports event in the world. All in all, around 900 people were involved in making the Winter World Masters Games 2020 happen. Of these, approximately half were from the volunteer team tirol (VTT), a permanent pool of volunteers set up by innsbruck-tirol sports (ITS), the people behind the WWMG 2020. A third of the volunteers came from abroad and made the journey to Tyrol to be part of the WWMG. The Games also marked a record for ITS: following the Winter Youth Olympic Games in 2012 and the International Children´s Games in 2016, the WWMG 2020 saw ITS become the first organisation of its kind to put into place three major multisports events. “That has onlybeen possible thanks to close and good cooperation with the volunteer team tirol, local clubs and associations plus, of course, our team of professionals with many years of event experience,” comments Georg Spazier, CEO of innsbruck-tirol sports.

Quotes from the WWMG 2020 sports partners

Alpine Cluster
Hubert Bertignoll, President of the Patscherkofel Innsbruck Ski Club
“Everything was perfect: the pistes, the weather and the atmosphere among the participants were fantastic. The cooperation with the ITS team and the people at the Patscherkofel ski resort worked really well. They were long, tiring days, but the broad smiles on the faces of the athletes made it all worthwhile. I will have very fond memories of the WWMG 2020!”

Werner Brugger, Tyrolean Ski Club, Ski Mountaineering Section
“What a great event! The organisation of the competitions was perfect. The pictures showcased the very best of Tyrol. The whole thing was great motivation for us to organise more ski mountaineering events in the region in the future.”

Ice Cluster
Georg Ganner, President of the Tyrolean Ice Skating Association
“Almost 1,000 athletes at the Games are proof of ice skating’s massive popularity. The Tyrolean Ice Hockey Association was delighted to welcome participants from around the world to compete in figure skating, ice dance, short track, pairs figure skating and synchronised skating. We had exciting, fast, elegant, touching, beautiful and challenging contests in all of the ice-based disciplines.”

Peter Schramm, Tyrolean Ice Hockey Association
“For us, the WWMG 2020 were a very interesting and positive experience. We went through the whole tournament without any serious injuries or foul play. We receive positive feedback from all sides. The organisation, the ice conditions, the changing rooms and the city itself all did their bit to make the ice hockey tournament a real success.”

Veronika Huber, President of the Kitzbühel Curling Club
“The athletes loved it. They all went home with huge smiles on their faces. All the feedback we have got has been positive. I definitely think we were able to share the motto of ´spirit together´ with the international curling family.”

Nordic Cluster
Werner Frieser, Mayor of Seefeld and Chairman of Seefeld Ski Club:
“An amazing, sensational, friendly event where former professionals and passionate amateurs had the opportunity to meet.”

Michael Huber, President of Kitzbühel Ski Club:
“Kitzbühel Ski Club is proud to have hosted WWMG 2020 competitions on our ski jumping hill. The organisers and officials gave 100% to ensure the athletes enjoyed a memorable competition at this venue rich in tradition. Many spectators were surprised by how courageous the competitors were and marvelled at the many different jumping techniques on show.”

Adrian Wickert, Orienteering Innsbruck – Imst:
“The WWMG 2020 were a great event. All the hard work paid off. The team did a great job. The sport of ski orienteering can definitely look forward to a bright future in Seefeld.”

WWMG Organising Team
Florian Kotlaba, WWMG Event Director:
“The positive spirit embodied by the masters athletes is truly infectious! Everyone who spoke to the athletes will have noticed the same thing for themselves. I really can’t imagine a better, more honest advertisement for the benefits of doing sport and enjoying exercise together. We can look back on a perfect event with a huge number of positives to take away.”

Michael Furtmayr, Volunteer Manager
“Our volunteers, including 450 members of the volunteer team tirol (VTT) plus 250 more volunteers from local clubs and associations, showed once again what can be achieved through teamwork, dedication and a willingness to give up some spare time to help others. As in previous events, we are particularly proud once again to have so many different nationalities represented in our volunteer team. The WWMG 2020 volunteers came from more than 50 different countries and played a huge part in making the Games an unforgettable experience for everyone involved. I would like to take this opportunity to say a huge ‘thank you’ to all the volunteers at the WWMG 2020. You were amazing!”

Facts and Figures
The facts and figures given here refer to the official competition period of the WWMG 2020 (10 – 19 January 2020). The WWMG 2020 were also used by the University of Innsbruck and the University of Salzburg for research projects. Four separate studies were carried out at the WWMG 2020 looking at the profile of the athletes, the overall satisfaction level among participants, the impact of injuries on sporting careers and the benefit of the Games to the local economy (due to be published in March).

Service & Total (approximate):
Meals served: 5,400
Uniforms issued: 700 x 4 items of clothing
Medals awarded: 2,715
Medal ceremonies: 704
Impressions generated on online channels: 757,189
Hours worked by the Austrian Red Cross: 1,300
Video material: 4 TB
Hours worked by the volunteer team tirol: 250,000

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